The beginning

Beginning a trip of this nature requires a lot of Planning and preparation.  Our first decision was to determine if we were bold enough to take on such an event with no experience in rallying or car restoration.  My wife Janel told me why not Mark our lack of experience has never stopped us before.  I agreed and we started looking for a suitable car.

Janel has always been fond of Porches and Jaguars.  I love style  but a quick look at the YouTube posts of the rally I determined a Volvos reliability and toughness was in order.  The Endurance Rally Association suggested a Volvo Amazon.  This car has far to much room, comfort and practicality for us.  Lets try for a P1800.   As it turns out a good friend of ours knew a guy who had a suitable car.  We striped the car and rebuilt her form bare bones.

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