what inspired us?

On May 21st, 2012 Endurance Rally Association’s (ERA) Trans-America Challenge passed through Janel’s hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to our hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Being fans of old cars and crazy people we had to investigate. Learning more about ERA and all the rallies to choose from we knew the path for us; Peking to Paris became an instant goal. Our car had to be sturdy with beautiful lines. We were not wed to an American car for my interest in cars originated from my great grandfather’s collection of 50’s and 60’s European sports cars. Discovering the desert terrain would kill a Triumph and realization that Janel’s 1970 1100D International pickup was considered a performance advantage, we set our sights on the Volvo P1800. Thanks to friends we found a suitable car waiting for restoration. Living in our recreational vehicle (aka Queen Mary) we travel nine months a year. On the road, often in remote areas, has taught us resourcefulness and how to fix things on the fly.  Specializing in off road vehicles and race cars Dark Horse Customs in Bozeman has been the perfect partner to help build Charlotte, our sexy and tough Swedish rally car.


Rally is a form of motorsport that takes place on public or private roads with modified production or specially built road-legal cars. It is distinguished by running not on a circuit, but instead in a point-to-point format in which participants and their co-drivers drive between set control points, leaving at regular intervals from one or more start points. Rallies may be won by pure speed within the stages or alternatively by driving to a predetermined ideal journey time within the stages.

WHAT IS peking TO Paris?

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is unique in the motoring world – a true endurance motor rally following in the wheel-tracks of the original motor challenge of 1907. Driving an old car nearly half way around the world with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, against the clock, with the added spice of timed sections, makes Peking to Paris the longest and toughest driving challenge for Vintage and Classic cars.


  • 110 cars with 220 participants
  • 9000 rally miles + 10250 North American miles = 19250 approx. miles
  • 12 rally countries + USA and Canada
  • 36 days, 6 days for rest and repairs
  • Emergency mechanical and medical support
  • Hotels provided except for 7 days of supported camping.